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Nordic webinar: ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Standard

1.10.2020 @ 15:00 - 15:45


Welcome to join another Nordic webinar, organised by the four Business Travel Associations: DBTA, FBTA, SBTA and NBTA. This time we will take a look at The new ISO Travel Risk Management standard and the impact on the traveller in the future, in particular around Health Security and Covid-19 assurance.

Speaker: Bob Quick, Director and Founder of Global Secure Solutions Ltd.

Some aspects of business travel have regulatory or quality regimes (e.g. aviation, rail transportation etc) that help tremendously when assessing risk, but there is a challenge when selecting accommodation. There are no consistent global standards for accommodation safety, hygiene and security. Hotels are inherently vulnerable to criminals and terrorists alike.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic corporates are asking what are the standards for hotels and how do they know that their travellers are safe? The introduction of the ‘Travel Risk Management’ standard is long overdue. Travel risk is real, and represents a major risk for many employees and their employers.

Whilst the risks and threats cannot all be eliminated; they can be minimised and mitigated by adopting tried and tested risk management processes. The ISO standards development process has assembled considerable expertise at a global level to consider these threats and risks, including Covid-19 and to identify the best management and mitigation practices to help make travel a safer endeavour.

We are going to discuss how the new ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Standard will assist corporate travel managers in adopting good practice, which will improve the travel experience and meet the duty of care.

There is no participation fee for members of DBTA, FBTA, NBTA and SBTA. Non-members can join against a fee of SEK 700 excl VAT (invoiced by SBTA).

Please sign up HERE . A link for joining the webinar will be sent the previous day.

We look forward to “seeing” you!

Kind regards,

Anne Mette, Jan Henrik, Lotten & Sari


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